We create technology that’s redefining the role of Conversational AI

When we started work on the idea for Alana, we considered everything human conversation gives us. It answers questions. It provides companionship. It builds connections, shows understanding and allows us to explore and discover new information. While existing task-oriented AI assistants can participate in a question-answer dynamic, they can’t perform any of these other vital functions.

We created Alana to start a more multi-dimensional AI conversation.

Smoother dialogue

When conversations stray off script, Alana listens and follows. It has the capability to decipher misunderstanding, engage with small talk and gloss over awkwardly articulated commands and questions. So, in whatever direction a conversation meanders, Alana understands, responds and keeps an extended dialogue flowing forward.

More intuitive responses

By learning from real conversations, we use machine learning to embed natural, human-like behaviour into AI conversational tools. Alana recognises the subtle conversational cues that signal where a line of chat is heading. A pause that suggests indecision.

A change in tone that indicates satisfaction. Or an expression that hints at an upturn in mood. It makes connections, and takes what it learns from interactions to proactively signpost users to information that matches their interests.

The power of recollection

By remembering previous conversations, Alana can shape future dialogue and personalise exchanges. Memory is a powerful addition to AI conversational technology. It allows Alana to make associations, identify correlations and then use this knowledge proactively to make suggestions. This makes Alana much more than your standard AI assistant. It creates a companion.

The Team

Nehat Krasniqi

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Prof. Oliver Lemon

Chief AI Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Ioannis Papaioannou

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Dr. Ioannis Konstas

Head of Machine Learning & Co-Founder

Dr. Arash Eshghi

Head of Linguistics & Co-Founder

Shivdeep Krishna

Head of Engineering

Dr. Alessandro Suglia

Research Engineer

Dr. Vevake Balaraman

Research Engineer

Dr. Katie Baker

Research Engineer

Dr. Marco Sobrevilla 

Research Engineer

Dr. Jose L. Part

Research Engineer

Claudio Greco

Research Engineer

Behar Cerkezi

Lead DevOps Engineer

Dimitris Dimakopoulos

Research Engineer

Sabrina Chiesurin

NLP Software Engineer

Felecia Köner

Research Engineer

Prof. Verena Rieser


Lance Blackstone

Non-Executive Chairman

Efi Hershkovitz

Board Member & Commercial Advisor

Stephen Grabiner

Board Member