Meet Alana

Alana holds real conversations on your behalf. We’re building Conversational AI that can grow with your business. They can become members of your team, receptionists in your buildings, additional carers for your patients, and companions in your homes.

We design technology that’s redefining the role of Conversational AI

When we started work on the idea for Alana, we considered everything human conversation gives us. It answers questions. It provides companionship. It builds connections, shows understanding and allows us to explore and discover new information. While existing task-oriented AI assistants can participate in a question-answer dynamic, they can’t perform any of these other vital functions.

We created Alana to start a more multi-dimensional AI conversation.

Who are we?

Our partnership with the Interaction Lab at Heriot-Watt University gives us direct access to the very latest thinking in Conversational AI, natural language processing, computational linguistics, and deep learning. We use this research and vision to build commercially-focused Alana solutions that are changing the way we interact.

Inside Alana, you’ll find a team of commercial thinkers, pioneering creatives and developers who love nothing more than to delve into the scientific detail. But what unites us is the shared drive to create better AI conversations for you. Now, and in the future.

Nehat Krasniqi

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Prof. Oliver Lemon

Chief AI Officer & Co-Founder

Ioannis Papaioannou

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Prof. Verena Rieser

Head of NLP & Co-Founder

Dr. Ioannis Konstas

Head of Machine Learning

Dr. Arash Eshghi

Head of Linguistics

Shivdeep Krishna

Head of Engineering

John Taylor

Head of Business Development

Dr. Vevake Balaraman

Research Engineer

Dr. Katie Baker

Research Engineer

Dr. Marco Sobrevilla 

Research Engineer

Dr. Jose L. Part

Research Engineer

Hervé Saint-Amand

Software Engineer

Dimitris Dimakopoulos

Research Engineer

Dr. Alessandro Suglia

NLP Software Engineer

Sabrina Chiesurin

NLP Software Engineer

Christopher Sam-Muir

Software Engineer

Paul Thomas

Digital Communications Advisor

Grant Webster

Product Strategy Advisor

Dave Jackson

Communication Advisor

Lance Blackstone

Non-Executive Chairman

Efi Hershkovitz

Board Member & Commercial Advisor

Stephen Grabiner

Board Member