We build state of the art AI for human-like conversation

We work on some of the most complex and interesting challenges in AI. Our partnership with the Interaction Lab at Heriot-Watt University gives us direct access to the very latest thinking in Conversational AI, natural language processing, computational linguistics, and deep learning. We use this research and vision to build solutions that are changing the way we interact with machines. Our world-class research has resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed papers.
  • Conversational Search

    Ability to search in an Interactive manner over multiple turns using natural language

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    • Accumulating context of the interaction which is used to inform the ongoing search
    • Alana will navigate through multiple related topics seamlessly
    • Alana provides factual responses grounded on millions of trusted input sources.
  • Enhanced NLU

    Enables different forms of conversational repairs such as Disfluencies & Self-Corrections, Clarification Interaction, and Late Corrections. 

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    • Enhanced NLU capabilities that deal with real, messy human language. Alana will detect disfluencies (e.g. play some uhhh the Doors)
    • Alana will recognise when misunderstanding or lack of sufficient understanding has occurred and seek further clarification
    • Alana will self-repair messy commands (e.g. drive to Ealing ah sorry uhh Richmond) and repair late corrections.
  • Visual Conversation

    Combine computer vision with conversation to create visually enhanced contextual understanding.

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    • By combining state of the art Computer Vision with Alana to detect, identify, and describe objects and scenes
    • Alana will answer questions about objects via static and moving camera and provide depth estimation and identify short text detection (e.g. shops, signs, food packaging)
    • Alana can identify and describe object relations (e.g. the keys are on the floor, next to the sofa)


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