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Alana takes the most advanced thinking in Conversational AI and gives it a real world application. This creates a platform that delivers a more intuitive, engaging and entertaining Conversational AI experience.

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Advanced AI. Smarter conversations.

Real conversations don’t always follow a logical path. Alana can decipher a confusing query and clarify with questions rather than jumping to pre-programmed conclusions. Our AI assistants respond to mood and location, know how to make small talk, and react appropriately based on memories from previous interactions.

You can use Alana to initiate conversations, make recommendations and interpret dialogue between multiple, simultaneous users. And, if a conversation changes direction, our AI assistants follow every digression. And so much more.

In short, Alana engages in meaningful conversations that human users will enjoy engaging with.

Technology grounded in the science of conversation

The Alana team includes experts in linguistics, natural language processing and machine learning from the Heriot-Watt University Interaction lab. By analysing the intricacies of human dialogue, we model the cognitive processes associated with uncertainty and misunderstanding.

We apply this knowledge to train Alana to recognise subtle signals and conversational cues, allowing Alana to interact more naturally with users.

We build Alana so it doesn’t simply deliver what you need now. It also gives you a platform that will grow to deliver everything Conversational AI could be in the future.

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