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Our technology can improve User Experience for any industry. We are currently working with clients across Education, Healthcare and Finance.


Alana is the personal tutor that can be everywhere. We can scale our technology so that every child or adult student can practice language and access information tailored to their specific needs. Their course, curriculum, and experience-level are all taken into account to deliver our services whenever and wherever they need it.


With an ageing population and a shortage of staff to service modern health needs, there has never been a better time for technology to support our healthcare system. Alana can be present when traditional resources aren’t available, helping patients and carers by providing friendly and knowledgeable assistance when human interaction isn’t possible.


Alana streamlines front and back-office processes to create efficiency for traders and brokers alike. Our technology also improves accuracy and removes human-error, while simplifying current labour-intensive processes such as customer service, research and auditing.

From Click & Taps.
To Natural Conversation.

Our AI technology delivers conversation through any touchpoint based on context, device and location. Alana knows each user, remembering previous conversations and adapting for a truly personal experience.


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More Useful Conversation.

Alana combines multiple bots with a bespoke deep-learning engine. This means Alana is capable of ‘multi-turn’ conversations that evolve over time and don’t reset with each request. We link information across both online and offline sources quickly and intuitively, allowing us to operate across highly-regulated, B2B, and consumer-facing markets.



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