Robotic receptionist

The Global Research Innovation and Discovery (GRID) project has developed Alana as a smart-building host and interface – the “voice of the building”. 

The conversation started here.

The £19 million GRID building at Heriot Watt university, where Alana is based, was designed to create cohesion between academic research, business enterprise, students and entrepreneurial talent, as part of an ecosystem where innovation thrives. 

How Alana shaped the conversation?

Alana was integrated into the GRID building, to respond to queries specific to the building, as well as acting as a web-based admin interface. 

In the GRID building at Heriot-Watt University, Alana directs visitors and students to rooms and facilities, performs live search for resources, (such as a free desk or computer), gives live event and meeting information, and acts as a virtual receptionist, as well as performing social and entertainment functions. 

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