Taking AI conversations into a social setting

Not every AI conversation takes place in front of a screen. As a partner in the MuMMER project, Alana created a humanoid robot that interacts autonomously and naturally with the general public in a social setting.

The conversation started here.

MuMMER (MultiModal Mall Entertainment Robot) was a four-year, EU-funded project. The aim was to create a mobile robot that could interact with the general public in a fun and engaging way in a social setting, such as a shopping mall. For example, to help customers to find their way around a big shopping centre or to locate products in a supermarket.

How Alana shaped the conversation?

The success of the MuMMER project relied on finding a way for a robot to interact with people in a fun and entertaining way. The Alana team, working alongside six other partner organisations, built a robot that can speak, act, respond and move in socially appropriate ways.

By analysing everything people do naturally in retail settings, Alana helped to inject these instinctive human behaviours into MuMMER. The end result is a humanoid robot that understands how to interact with the general public. For example, how to approach someone without being intimidating, how to read the meaning of a gaze or keep an appropriate distance.

Are you ready to find out what Alana can bring to your AI conversations?