Building Voice And Vision Technology For The Blind and Partially Sighted

RNIB are working with Alana to use AI and machine learning to create more individually tailored solutions for people with sight loss.

The conversation started here.

Our team is developing bespoke visual dialogue features that will allow the Alana AI companion to engage in meaningful, natural conversation about visual content – whether this is describing an image or guiding someone with low vision to find something.

How Alana shaped the conversation?

With Alana’s team of AI experts, RNIB is now exploring how voice and vision technology can open up a whole new level of accessibility for people who are blind and partially sighted.  An important focus area is configuring the Alana platform to directly help combat loneliness and anxiety – experiences that are unfortunately all too prevalent in RNIB’s community.


“Every survey, every major piece of research that has been done into the lives of blind and partially sighted people shows the desire for companionship is a huge daily challenge, Anything which can reduce those feelings of loneliness and isolation and enable someone to feel more included and more connected with people offers a key incentive for us. Companion AI technology I think has the capability to do this in spades. It’s why our work with Alana is such a high priority project for RNIB.” Robin Spinks

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