Introducing… Dr Ioannis Konstas, Head of Machine Learning

How would you describe your role? Let’s take the example of when a user speaks to Alana. Alana first has to understand what the user means and then decide the most appropriate response. This involves automatically creating the content from

Introducing Prof. Oliver Lemon, Chief AI Officer and co-founder

How would you describe your role? My role is leading research and development efforts to build the Alana platform and next generation of conversational AI features. I also talk a lot with our customers to find out what challenges they

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What makes Alana different?

Conversational AI is a grand term. Many AI systems operate through voice or text and are given this name. But not many of these AI are capable of interactions that we can really call conversation. Most conversational AI systems are

Our partnership with Speech Graphics

Alana and Speech Graphics Announce Partnership Agreement that paves the way for AI avatars which can maintain complex conversations with end users: The partnership provides potential for diverse new applications, from virtual assistants to gaming characters Nehat Krasniqi, CEO and