The next generation of AI engineers: Tech and AI courses for half-term holidays

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At Alana, we’re creating the next generation of Conversational AI. We do this by employing some of the best engineering minds in AI and robotics, so we’re keen to keep an eye on and support the next great generation of engineers and developers. Getting children interested in STEM subjects and careers at an early stage is crucial to the long-term future of the technology sector in the UK.

So here are some great organisations running courses for your budding data scientists, engineers and developers over this half-term holiday and throughout the year. It is not an exhaustive list, so if there is nothing here in your area, do check with your local education authority to see what’s available close to home.

And don’t forget, there are many free resources that focus on developing STEM skills development and if you’re anywhere near London, a visit to The Science Museum is a great way to get your young people excited by the possibilities of science and tech.

Fire Tech

Fire Tech run courses across the UK including London, Cambridge, Surrey, Reading, Manchester, Bristol and others.

They are running in-person camps alongside online courses in a focused number of locations around London.

This online course for 13-17 year olds caught our eye – Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence –

Tech Camp

Tech Camp runs Computer & Engineering Remote Courses & Camps, across the UK for Ages 9-17. They also offer private lessons.

This course on Robowars looks great, pitting programming and design skills against other teams competing to become the the Robowars champion!

They also sell Tech Camp in a box!

Code Kids

Concentrating on locations in the south of England and online, Code Kids partner with schools and focus on robotics, game development, coding and design thinking.

We’re tempted by their courses in Lego robotics. In fact, keep it quiet from our engineers….we have work to do!

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